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Trees are covering more of the land in rich countries

COLM STENSON drives around County Leitrim, pointing out new tree plantations. In this corner of Ireland, close to the border with Northern Ireland, conifers seem to be springing up all around. The encroachment is not just visual. Mr Stenson, who is a police officer as well as a cattle farmer, recently received a bill from...

Ex-Morgan Stanley MD: money does grow on trees, actually

Specialist asset manager Gresham House has a clear message for anyone who’s been told that money doesn’t grow on trees: they’ve never been more wrong. I am presenting an example to view here … The Telegraph | 26 03 17

Trading Christmas trees for cash: forestry investments are yielding top returns

Buying a five-foot tree every year costs around £6,500 over a lifetime. Britons who opt to shun a lifetime of fresh spruces and instead put their money into a forestry fund would turn £6,500 into nearly £3m by their 65th tree-free Christmas, according to figures from Gresham House. The Telegraph | 26 12 16

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