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Forestry could add £2bn a year to Scots economy by 2030

The Scottish Forest and Timber Technologies Industry Leadership Group (ILG), outlines a long-term vision to drive economic growth in the forestry sector by maximising output and boosting efficiency. It claimed the industry could be worth an annual £2bn to Scotland’s economy by 2030 if it capitalises on an action plan involving partnerships.

Automation in house building

Merryn Somerset Webb writes about how housebuilding is changing, for the better

Why consider investing in Forestry?

In this video, two Forestry Investment Managers, Anthony Crosbie Dawson from Gresham House and Paul Atkinson from Par Equity discuss the merits of investing in Forestry and how experienced investors can benefit from investing in this sector:

Plant more trees to help the UK become carbon neutral

Planting millions of acres of trees and energy crops as well as restoring wetlands and coastal habitats could help the UK become carbon neutral by 2050 and limit climate change, writes the BBC’s environment correspondent  

Softwood timber imports to China treble in a decade – positive news for the UK

China is now the biggest importer of unprocessed saw logs in the world and the second biggest importer of processed lumber (after the US). Russia and Scandinavia have seen the largest percentage increases in terms of their export levels to China. European timber growers are expected to further increase the amount of their product going...

Trees are covering more of the land in rich countries

COLM STENSON drives around County Leitrim, pointing out new tree plantations. In this corner of Ireland, close to the border with Northern Ireland, conifers seem to be springing up all around. The encroachment is not just visual. Mr Stenson, who is a police officer as well as a cattle farmer, recently received a bill from...